TOXINOR consists of a combination of 3 minerals Montmorillonite,
Sepiolite, and Diatomite.

  • Montmorillomite: a group of phyllosilicates often called Clay, has a 3-dimensional layer so that it can bind Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, and T-2 toxin
  • Sepiolite: clay minerals, including magnesium silicate complexes, have a fibrous structure that acts like a "filter" in capturing mycotoxins
  • Diatomite: derived from fossil remains of hard-shelled algae, diatomaceous algae effectively binds aflatoxin, T-2, zearalenone, and ochratoxin

TOXINOR is an inorganic mycotoxin sequence that has been researched for research on the composition of the right combination of each component for better effectiveness of mycotoxin binding.


  • Broad spectrum mycotoxin binder for poultry, cattle, and swine feed.
  • Prevent the negative impact of mycotoxin on livestock, poultry, cattle and swine

Dosage & Usage
mix homogeneously into feed according to the recommended dose.
Preventive dose: 1 kg/ton of feed
Recommended dosage: 1.5 kg-2 kg/ton of feed (in high risk conditions)

Storage Instruction
Store in a cool place and avoid from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Bag 25 kg

Expired time
24 months after production date

Registration number

Produced by
Norel S.A., Spain