Composition : 
Essential Oil                9%
Saponins                   18%   
Calsium Carbonate   65%
Silicon Dioxyde           8%

Indication : 
The Special phytogenic to support performance 

  • Improve feed intake
  • Support a performing gut
  • Ensure productivity and profitabillity
  • Enhance digestion and absorption of nutrient
  • Reduce ammonia concentration 

Dosage & Usage 
min. 200 g/ton feed
Could be applicable to fish and shrimp feed

Storage Instruction 
Store in cool storage, below 25oC and avoid sun and direct light

Paper Bag 25 Kg

Expired time 
The product expired 18 month from manufacturing date in original package and assuming correct storage

Registration Number
KKP RI. I. 2212681 PBS

Produced by 
Delacon Biotechnik, GmbH, Austria