Sodium-Calcium-ammonium Dipropionates and Diformates Booster Excipients

FUNGINAT FP-51 is a feed additive designed to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in raw materials and animal feed.


Inhibits the growth of fungi in feed and feed ingredients for poultry, cattle, and swine.


  1. Stronger and wider spectrum in inhibiting fungal growth
  2. Not easy to evaporate, so the need for active ingredients is maintained in the pelleting process, which requires hot temperatures
  3. Diffuse better, so it is more homogeneous when mixed in the feed
  4. Dissociate better, so that the number of active molecules is more and the activity of inhibiting microorganisms is maximized.
  5. Non-corrosive

Dosage & Usage
Mix homogeneously 1-2 kg/ton of feed, depending on the condition of the raw materials (moisture, temperature, and humidity).
FUNGINAT FP-51 is the right combination of acid and di-salts, potentiated with organic acids, thus providing stronger protection and a longer lasting effect.

Storage Instruction
Store in a cool place and avoid from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Bag 25 kg

Expired time
24 bulan setelah waktu produksi

Registration number
KEMENTAN RI NO. I. 14012135 PTS.2

Produced by
Norel S.A., Spain