Beta 1-4 endo-xylanase 160.000 BXU

Econase XT 25 is basically a Thermostable Enzyme (heat-resistant enzyme) developed for use in animal feed. Xylanase in this product is very easy to analyze, from the test results quantitatively recovered in a feed conditioned up to 95° C for 30 seconds followed by peletting.

Feed additive for poultry and swine feed. ECONASE XT 25 can improve nutrient digestibility.

The recommended use rate of Econase XT-25 depending on diet composition is : 50 - 150 g/t feed. 

Storage Instruction
Store in a cool place (23 °C), avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Sack 25 kg

Expired time
24 months after production time

Produced by
AB Vista for Finland Oy Roal