Bacillus amyloliquefeciens CECT 5940 and calcium carbonate as carrier with a minimum guaranteed concentration of 109 CFU/g

Ecobiol inhibits Salmonella spp. & Clostridium perfringes and other opportunistic bacteria by :

  • Secretion of high amounts of lactic acid
  • Blocking communication between pathogenic bacteria
  • Modulation of the innate immune system
  • Secretion of a wide range of antimicrobial substances (secondary metabolites)
  • Produce Barnase, a specific enzyme that inhibits pathogenic bacteria

Dosage & Usage
Recomended dose : Ecobiol 1 kg/MT (Broiler, Layer, Swine)
For All phase (pre starter, starter, grower and finisher)

Storage Instruction
Storage in room temperatura, dry, less humidity

Bag 25 kg

Expired time
2 years after production date

Registration number
Kementan RI NO. I. 13114671 FTS

Produced by
Evonik Industries, Germany