Choline Chloride, min. 75% Liquid

Used in poultry and swine throughout the production period, applied through feed.
Choline Chloride is an important requirement added through feed with the following functions:

  • As an important factor in the growth and production of livestock
  • As a methyl group donor to homocysteine ??for the formation of methionine
  • Essential in the formation of acetylcholine for the transmission of nerve impulses
  • In poultry plays a role in preventing fatty liver (degeneration of fat in the liver), perosis (slipped tendon), growth disorders and decreased production due to Choline deficiency
  • In swine play a role in preventing fatty liver, growth disorders, movement coordination, decreasing the number of pigs per litter, and kidney damage

Dosage & Usage
Mix CHOLINE CHLORIDE 70% LIQUID in poultry and swine feed homogeneously. Give throughout the maintenance period to prevent choline deficiency. Dosage for use in poultry and pigs varies, depending on production factors, growth phase, nutrient composition of the diet/premix/concentrate, environmental factors, and daily feed intake.

Storage Instruction
Store in a dry andcool placein a sealed package under normal temperature, pressure and humidity.

Drums 230 kg and flexitank 24 MT

Expired Time
2 years after production date.

Produced by
Shandong NB Technology Co. Ltd., China