SCI Laboratory is located in a new facility, at the main street in Subang West Java which is easy to be accessed.

SCI lab is an independent laboratory which will always give the best services to the customers. We serve laboratory assay services to examine the main factors involved for the successive poultry production such as monitoring the quality of feed and water used, healthy status of DOC and chicks, and also the diagnostic of the diseases. Disease diagnosis have the important role in the decisions making in poultry production whether its preventive or treatment actions. Comprehensive and integrated diagnosis are included the historical anamneses, general examinations, and laboratory testings; therefore laboratory testing has become a very important factor in the direction into the precise disease diagnosis. The right diagnosis will lead to the right policies and actions to be taken.

Laboratory examination is not only useful in the determination of the disease diagnosis but also supports the achievement of optimal performance in poultry production. The results of laboratory examination will give the descriptions to the poultry practitioners regarding the quality of materials used in the productions, the successful vaccination/treatment/sanitation programes, the level of microbial contamination, the effectiveness of the treatments, and many more.

SCI’s mission is to provide the best products and services for customers. And one among those ‘best’ is laboratory services that could reach all of SCI’s customers in Indonesia. Our big hope is SCI could be closer with all of our business partners in all of the areas in Indonesia and we could help farmers in the solutions of any difficulties in the field.

PT Sehat Cerah Indonesia Laboratory
Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 136 Karanganyar, Kab. Subang 41211, Jawa Barat
Phone: 0896 3571 7400 / 0813 2113 2855