Each 1 kg contains:

Vitamin A 2.500.000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 630.000 I.U.
Vitamin E 5000 I.U.
Vitamin K3 250 mg
Vitamin B1 500 mg
Vitamin B2 600 mg
Vitamin B6 750 mg
Vitamin B12 4 mg
Vitamin H Biotin 3 mg
Vitamin B9 Folic Acid 50 mg
Vitamin B5 1.250 mg

Vitamin B3 Niacin 5.000 mg
Iron 12.000 mg

Copper 2.400 mg

Manganase 16.000 mg
Zinc 15.000 mg
Selenium 60 mg
Cobalt 50 mg
Iodine 200 mg
Antioxidant 20.000 mg
Betain HCL 60.000 mg
Gustor 75.000 mg
Threonine 30.000 mg
Lysine 30.000 mg
Natural adsorbent 100.000 mg
Phytase 200.000 mg


PSE 300 BASEMIX SCI is an animal feed suplementation for animal with various fungtions :

  • Betain, Choline and Vitamin C are good combination to reduce oxidative stress
  • Butyric Acid as direct source of energy for intestinal epithelia cell and increasing feed intake
  • Natural Adsorbent and attapulgite help to prevent diarrhea and enhance production

Dosage & Usage
3 - 5 kg / ton feed

Storage Instruction
Store in cool storage, below 25°C and avoid sun and direct light

Pail (4 x 5 Kg)

Expired Time
The product expired 12 month from manufacturing date in original package and assuming correct storage

Registration Number
KEMENTAN RI No. D. 15052622 PTS.1

Produced by
Seribu Cita Bayanakan, Indonesia