Combination of essential oils, specially designed to achieve a synergistic effect, resulting in a positive impact on intestinal health while optimizing production

Indication : 
EO-FIT Poultry could inhibiting pathogen bacterias such as Salmonella sp. & Clostridium perfringes, and other fungtion : 

  1. Anti-bacteria, anti-parasite and anti-inflamatory
  2. Help to modulate immune system
  3. Improve animal performance
  4. Reduce the use of antibiotics
  5. Reduce the severity of the lesions due to Eimeria tenella

Dosage & Usage
500 - 1.000 g / ton feed
could be applicated on all broiler phase (pre starter, starter, grower, and finisher) and also all of layer phase (pre starter, starter, grower, developer, pre layer and layer)

Storage Instruction
Store in cool storage, below 25oC and avoid sun and direct light

Bag 25 Kg 

Expired time
The product expired 24 month from manufacturing date in original package and assuming correct storage

Registration Number
KEMENTAN RI NO. I. 22037298

Produced by 
Norel, Spanyol