DL-Methionine feed grade …............... 99% (min)

Used in poultry and swine by being mixed with feed.
The addition of DL-Methionine has the following functions:

  • Compilers of protein in livestock products such as eggs, milk, and meat
  • Intermediaries in cyclical metabolic pathways such as methylation reactions and synthesis of antioxidants (glutathione and taurine)
  • Prevent growth disorders and decreased production due to deficiency of the amino acid methionine

Dosage & Usage
Mix DL-METHIONINE in animal feed homogeneously. Administer throughout the maintenance period to prevent amino methionine deficiency. The dosage for use in livestock varies, depending on production factors, growth phase, nutrient composition of the diet/premix/concentrate, environmental factors, and daily feed intake.

Storage Instruction
Store in a cool place, avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Bag 25 kg.

Expired Time
5 years after production time

Produced by
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan